Organization Success From Employee Engagement

Engaged organizations grew profits as much as three times their competitors. Highly engaged organizations have the ability to cut staff turnover by 87 % and increase productivity by 20%. Engagement in the context of Talent Management refers to how employee gets connected emotionally and intellectually to the larger purpose of the organizational goals.It is described as employees willingness to go the extra mile not merely arising out of an obligation or pay check, but because work matters professionally and personally to him.

Engagement like “ culture” is a “product” of how a company operates. It cannot be improved on its own but has few drivers like

  • Culture
  • Strategy, Mission Statement
  • Career Development
  • Learning & development
  • Recognition
  • Timely Feedback
  • Challenging tasks
  • Senior Leadership

Let’s take a look at some relevant elements of engagement an organisation need to look for while preparing the recipes.


People need to know what is expected out of them at work. Clarity can be improved by way of goal setting. With organization centric goal management employees throughout align the individual goals with organisational goals.Through this everyone can see they are part of large team.


Employees needs the tools and training to achieve goals and objectives. Support is  performance issue too but we need to wear the engagement glasses to view it.


Employees should feel that there is an absolute fitment to the job. Utilization of skills and opportunity to grow in line with one’s skill matrix creates engagement in an employee which improves productivity.


Feedback is neither about praise or criticism. It is about saying something that employer find it useful. It may take many forms from formal to informal like regularly scheduled one to one meetings, coaching, email, peer reviews. Informal can be over a cup of coffee.


Organization has the responsibility to develop employees for the future ensuring talent gaps are filled and become future proof by adapting to emerging technologies.

Also we can look at few more engagement programmes that are powerful and purposeful;

  • Assign one of the company values to a person who represented it most in last quarter through voting process
  • Assign 30 minutes in a day to pursue personal projects. This may trigger creativity and energy flow that will benefit rest of working hours.
  • Assign buddy/ mentor to a new comer as mentor will be a friend and guide who will help an employee to solve his problems.
  • Have team photos of your team on the wall. Group, funny photos, theme photos can create greater engagement.
  • Remind people of company’s mission and vision. People should be told what they are doing and why they are doing.
  • Encourage and Recognise innovation and have a rewards & recognition mechanism in place. Recognise people in public.
  • Celebrate achievements whether big or small.Refill the energy tanks which fuel inspiration to rest of the colleagues.
  • Show respect to people who are in different hierarchies. This is a cornerstone for effective employee engagement.

Mantra of Effective Engagement

Higher Involvement= Higher Performance= Higher Retention

Get social. Have fun, have Team building competition and unleash the creativity in other walks of life.

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